Wildlife Action
of North Carolina
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Our slogan: "To put back more than we take"

Fishing at summer camp

Skeet shoot
What's In It For Me?
For $30/year look at all you can do!
- Membership card & decal
- 6 "Pride" magazines
- Summer camp for kids
- Fishing in WLA ponds
- Canoe trips
- Rifle, pistol, skeet, cooking
     and archery competitions
- Father/son, parent/child hunts
- Monthly meetings: programs,
     meals, discussions
Membership Levels
$30 - Individual
$40 - Family
$400 - Individual Life
$600 - Family Life
100% of money raised by local
chapter projects stay with that chapter.
Membership Dues Disbursement
30% - local chapter projects
30% - state projects
40% - national projects & administration
Do you hunt?
A membership is about the cost
of two boxes of gun shells.
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