In 2007 approximately 15.5 acres of woodland property near Whiteville
 was donated to Wildlife Action by Earl and Dot Helms as a nature
 preserve and educational/recreational facility for our youth programs.

 We’ve been working for the past three years to bring their vision to
 fruition, and have finally reached a point where the facility is
 capable of hosting a variety of community service activities.
 We hope the pictures featured here will give you an idea of what has
 been accomplished, and what the possibilities for the future may be!





When we started everything was wildly overgrown and for years people had been dumping trash on the property.
The access road and drainage were in bad shape and required attention. We had to clear the debris, fix the
drainage problems and repair the road.



Here are a few pictures showing Helms Preserve today.
More pictures will be added in the coming days. Please check back soon!

Our activity pavilion construction in progress: