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Our slogan: "To put back more than we take"

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Wildlife Action, Inc - Contacts
North Carolina State Chapter

543 Sunset Terrace
Mailing address:
P. O. Box 1314
Whiteville, NC  28472
Email: info@nc-wildlifeaction.org
Web: www.nc-wildlifeaction.org

State Phone: 910 - 840 - 1327
National WLA: 800 - 753 - 2264

North Carolina State Officers
President: Allison Shuping
Vice President: Chase Hooks
Secretary/Treasurer: Ann Powell

N C State Board of Directors - 2020
Lee McLamb - 3 years
Rita Parker - 3 years
Jeana McDuffie - 3 years
Renee McPherson - 2 years
Doug Spivey - 2 years
Greg Parker - 2 years
Phillip Bowen - 1 year
Alvin Pittman - 1 year
Tyler Hyatt- 1 year

Sr. Vice Presidents - 2020
Education: Rita Parker
Environment: Greg Parker
Fishing: George Shuping
Hunting: Kendall Powell
Chaplain: Tim Lewis

North Carolina Pride Staff
Editor: Allison Shuping, Chase Hooks
Printing: Budget Printing

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