Wildlife Action
of North Carolina
"Local Folks Solving Local Problems"
5-Point Law
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Wolf pup
Our slogan: "To put back more than we take"
Five-Point Law
We actively pursue protection of local rivers. We were featured nationally on the PBS TV Series "Conserving America: The Rivers". We own or manage over 10,000 acres of land for wildlife habitat and outdoor recreational activities.
We built and placed in the wild over 10,000 duck boxes, 1,000 squirrel boxes and 4,000 bluebird houses and planted thousands of seedling pines and hardwoods.
- Program S.H.A.R.E. for schools
- Summer camps for youth
- Resource education centers
- Video/slide shows/powerpoint
- Instructional camping trips (ICTs)
We teach outdoor ethics through annual rifle, pistol, skeet, fishing, cooking and archery competitions. They are the means of rediscovering and reliving our outdoor heritage.
We have monthly meetings with programs and special meals: blackened fish, rattlesnake, beaver stew, venison, duck bog and maybe even hot dogs and hamburgers, too!
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